Roofing Repairs That You Should Get When Your Skylight Is Leaking

Posted on: 22 April 2020

A skylight lets natural light in your home without having to worry about privacy issues like you do when you uncover windows. However, skylights, particularly bubble skylights, tend to develop leaks. Sometimes, the problem is with the skylight or the roofing. Here's a look at some repairs that might be needed for a leaky skylight on your roof.

Fix Condensation Issues

Before you call a roofer for help, make sure the drip or water stain isn't caused by condensation. This can be a problem in the winter when heated air meets the cool skylight. If condensation is a problem, you may need to decrease the humidity in the room by installing a dehumidifier. If you rule out condensation as the source of the problem, then the skylight should be inspected from the roof. You may want to call a roofer to find the source of the leak.

Replace the Seal

If your skylight is old, the seal around the glass might be worn out. This is a fairly easy problem to fix by replacing the seal. Once that's done, your roofer might test the skylight by running water over it from a hose or you can check the skylight the next time it rains to make sure the leak has stopped.

Fix Leaky Flashing

When the roofer inspects your skylight from the roof, they may suspect rain is leaking in around the frame. They might repair this issue by caulking around the glass or frame. But if the flashing is damaged, it needs to be repaired or replaced. Holes in flashing can be patched sometimes, but it may be necessary to put in new flashing if the old metal is rusted and weak.

Replace the Skylight

If the skylight is old and has a rotted frame or if the glass is cloudy permanently, then it may be time to put in a new skylight. If you have an old bubble skylight, you can upgrade to a newer model that is less prone to problems with leaking and condensation.

Repair Roof Leaks

Your roofer will determine why your skylight is leaking. If the problem is with the skylight or flashing, then other roofing repairs may not be necessary. However, if the leak is caused by water getting under shingles above the skylight, then other roof repairs may be necessary. Your roofer will pinpoint the source of the leak and then make repairs that might include replacing shingles, repairing shingles, and even replacing a section of decking if the plywood has rotted from a roof leak.

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