Knowing When You Need A Masonry Company To Help You

Posted on: 5 December 2019

Masonry is a trade that involves working with bricks, mortar, and concrete, and is a specialized trade field. A mason is often called in to build things from block or brick that is structural or decorative in nature. 

Repairing Your Fireplace or Chimney

One typical job that a mason can handle for you is repair work on a fireplace or chimney. If you have loose bricks that need replacing or a section of the chimney where the mortar is loose and cracking, hiring a mason or masonry contractor you do the work is the best option. 

The chimney may need disassembly and then reassembly with new mortar to fix it, but often the old bricks are put back in place unless there is damage to the bricks that make them unsafe.

Building Walls

Brick walls are common in older buildings, but they are still used today in some construction. If you need a structural brick wall in your building,  a masonry company will come and put the wall up for you. They can use whatever material the job calls for, but let the contractor know what they are working with ahead of time because the material may affect the choice of mortar they use.

While more and more contractors are building cinder block walls without a mason, it is a good idea to have them involved in any brick or masonry construction. A good mason knows the materials included in the trade and will be able to build a much more stable structure than someone without that training.

Brick Veneer and Facades

Another time you may need a masonry company to help you, is for the installation of a facade or imitation brick wall. The wall may use real bricks but may only be decorative.

If you want to create a specific look, hiring a contractor that works with mortar and bricks all the time will get you the best results. Often projects like these use reclaimed or old brick for a specific look and feel. The mortar needs to look old as well, but be new and strong to tie the wall together.

Mason Training

To become a mason, you have to go to school and learn the trade, or train as an apprentice with a licensed mason to learn the skills. If you choose to go to a trade school, you will still need to apprentice for a while to learn how to put the training into practice.

Once the apprenticeship is over, you will have to work under a mason for a couple of years as a journeyman; then, when the mason says you are ready, you can take the test to become a licensed mason.

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