2 Tips For Preventing Ice Dams On Your Roof After A Winter Storm

Posted on: 22 February 2019

If a winter storm is heading your way, you may worry that the snow and ice could cause damage to your roof. However, these are not the only problems you should worry about, as ice dams that form afterward can cause substantial damage along the edges of your roof. To keep this from happening, use the following tips to help prevent ice dams from forming.

1.  Keep Your Attic Cold

Typically, ice dams form during the day after the storm has passed. As the temperatures rise slightly and the sun melts the snow, the water produced runs down toward your gutters. Then, when evening comes and the temperatures drop, the water collected around the edges freezes and causes the ice dams to form.

However, if you keep your attic warm, this melting and freezing cycle is constantly in motion, causing larger dams to form. And, while you cannot do anything about the weather outside, you can help minimize the growth of the dams by turning off the heat to your attic so that it stays cold.

2.  Use a Snow Rake to Clear off the Edges

Another way you can help prevent the formation of ice dams along the edges of your roof is to get rid of any snow that has accumulated in those areas. While you may not be able to reach the entire roof, removing the snow closest to the edges allows the water from the melted snow and ice to run freely off of the roof, instead of stopping and collecting because of stuck-on snow.

To facilitate the removal of the snow on your roof, use a snow rake. This special type of rake has a longer handle to allow you to stay on the ground while working so you do not have to physically risk falling from being on the roof.

If your area is expecting massive amounts of snow, you can make this job easier by going out and raking the roof every couple of hours. This keeps the snow from becoming too heavy to move with the rake.

While using the above tips can help you minimize the risk of ice dams during and after a winter storm, there is always the possibility that your roof could still sustain damage. If you find evidence of broken shingles or possible leaks, contact a roofing service, like Toth Roofing, to schedule an inspection so they can find any issues and discuss your options for making any necessary repairs.