Is Your Fence Being Damaged By Underground Tree Roots? Remove The Tree And Everything Else

Posted on: 3 March 2018

If the fence you have outlining the perimeter of your property is getting moved around and is uneven and shifting because of problems with tree roots, there are some things that you want to do. You want to have the tree removed if this is a continual problem, and you want to get the roots removed as well. Here are some of the things that you want to talk about with the tree removal service.

Get a Tree Removal Estimate

Get an estimate from a company like Stritar Construction & Tree Service to remove the tree. The company should put the cost to cut down the tree and remove all the debris in this estimate. The cost will vary based on size and location of the tree, and the cost can be anywhere from less than a hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.

If they don't include the removal in the cost and this is something you can't do on your own, you will have to get an additional cost form the company or find another service for this. Make sure the company is bonded and accredited in your county.

Ask about Stump Root Removal

If the roots are causing the problems you may want to have them extracted from the ground. Even though they aren't going to grow anymore, they are already in place where they are pushing up your fence posts. Get an estimate to have the trunk and the roots extracted from the ground. This may require you to hire another service professional, in case the company has to do some trenching.

Talk with Your Neighbors

If you will have to do some digging in your neighbor's yard as well to get the roots out, talk with them in advance to see if they will approve of the service. Since you are paying for it, you can use that as leverage. They should want the fence fixed as much as you. You may want to have them sign an agreement contract, and the tree removal company may have something for them to sign as well.

After you have all of the tree problems solved you can bring in the fencing company to repair the damages. When trees roots take on a life of their own, they can cause problems for your home, the property, and also for the property of your neighbors. Quickly get estimates before any more damage is done to your yard, and before the roots start to damage other things like underground plumbing or wiring throughout your property.