3 Good Reasons Not To Move To A New House

Posted on: 18 December 2017

Does your current home feel like it is getting cramped and is too small for your family's current needs? Have you been considering selling the house and buying another one? Although the house you have now may have been perfect when you bought it, it's not uncommon for a growing family to consider moving to a larger house for a variety of reasons. While moving may be a solution to your problems, it is not the only solution. Instead of moving to a new place, why not expand your current home? Adding a room or simply expanding rooms that already exist have a variety of advantages that you may not already have considered. Some of these advantages include:

Kids stay at same school: Moving to a new school and leaving behind old friends can be a sad experience for most kids. Even if the curricula are nearly identical between the two schools, your child could fall behind and require months or even a full school year to catch up once again. If you don't want to subject your child to needing to adjust to a new school, room additions can be the perfect solution. The addition of just a few extra square feet, another bedroom, or an additional bathroom can make your current home much more comfortable and a better fit for your family.

Retain same commute to work: Moving to a new house doesn't necessarily mean that your work commute would be better. The difference of just a mile or two could mean that a relatively easy commute becomes a frustratingly long one. Even though you may sometimes be frustrated by your current work commute, there's no guarantee that moving would change the commute for the better. Room additions may not be able to change your commute directly, but at least they aren't going to make things worse either.

Fewer money hassles: Getting a second mortgage on your home in order to pay for the room additions that you want and need may be a much easier process than getting a new first mortgage on a completely different house. A new mortgage involves down payments, paying for multiple home inspections, moving costs, and other money issues. Adding to your current house obviously isn't free, but there are fewer things that you'd have to pay for directly out of your own pocket right now, making this a much more affordable option for most people.