Tips To Get Your Garage Door Opener Ready For Winter

Posted on: 13 November 2017

One of the great pleasures of owning a garage is that you don't have to scrape ice off your car windows on a winter morning. Of course, you only get to enjoy this benefit if your garage door opener properly operates so you can park inside. Before the worst of winter arrives, take a few minutes to make sure your garage is in peak operational condition:

Clean out the tracks

Leaves and other fall debris can get into the tracks. Combine this with a bit of moisture, and you can end up with a frozen blockage clogging up the tracks so the garage door can move properly. Grab a broom and sweep this debris out of the track. Then, use a clean rag to wipe out the tracks of any remaining moisture or dust. Finally, watch the wheels in the tracks carefully as the door closes to make sure they move freely. If not, clean around them carefully with or simply replace them with new wheels.

Refresh the lubrication

Garage door lubricant is easy to apply. Place a small amount on a clean rag and coat the inside of the tracks, so the wheels roll more smoothly. Then, place a droplet on each wheel using the applicator tip on the lubricant container. Finally, add a drop to each hinge on the door itself, so it moves easily all winter long.

Replace the batteries

Cold weather drains batteries of their energy stores much more quickly. If the opener itself has a backup battery for power outages, check the charge before winter arrives and replace it if need be. Your remote battery should also be changed out at this time. Don't leave the remote in your car, either. Not only is this a safety concern, leaving it in a cold car may drain the battery prematurely.

Check the safety sensor

A door that won't open or close properly without stopping part way may have a sensor out of alignment. This often happens in the summer from moving mowers, bikes, and other items in and out of the garage all summer. Check that the red light on the sensors on either side of the door are aligned with each other to avoid issues later. If a light is out of alignment, you can usually adjust it by hand until the sensor is working properly.

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