Dealing With A Problematic Tractor

Posted on: 26 June 2017

Having to drive a tractor at a slow speed can be frustrating and have a bad effect on how productive you are able to be on your farm. If you are dealing with such a problem, it is possible that your tractor has a problematic camshaft position sensor in it. The sensor plays an important role in the speed that a tractor is able to travel because it can affect fuel economy when it isn't in good shape. You might need to invest in getting a new sensor installed to resolve the problem.

This article will give you some general knowledge in regards to tractor problems that point to the camshaft position sensor being in bad shape.

The Engine Will Not Start as Fast as It Should

When an engine doesn't immediately startup, it doesn't mean that there is necessarily a problem. For example, when you are trying to start your tractor on a cold day, it is normal for the engine to need hard starting before it finally stays on. If you must hard start the engine when it isn't cold outside, it points to the camshaft position sensor not functioning properly, which causes problems for the fuel injectors. The fuel injectors are important because they make sure the engine is receiving enough fuel.

You Must Restart the Engine While Using the Tractor

Once you have started the engine and use the tractor, it should remain running until it is turned off. However, when there is a bad camshaft position sensor in the tractor, the engine might go off in a sporadic manner. You end up having to restart the engine in order to continue using the tractor. The intake and exhaust valves that play a role in the fuel aspect of the tractor might not be functioning properly because of the bad sensor.

You Are No Longer Able to Use All of the Gears

A bad camshaft position sensor can cause gear problems in your tractor. For instance, you might only have the ability to use one gear at a time until the tractor has been restarted. Keep in mind that a bad transmission can also lead to gear problems, so make sure a professional diagnosis is made before making repairs.

The Tractor Stops Running Altogether

If a tractor stops functioning altogether, it is a sign that there are possibly numerous problems wrong. For instance, the problem can stem from the engine, transmission, and gears all being in bad shape. If you find out that numerous parts are in need of being repaired, you might want to consider investing in a new tractor.

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