Trendy, High-End Features And Materials For Your Custom Home

Posted on: 1 February 2017

Implement some new and trendy features and finishes in your custom home. These will bring a distinct flair and high-end feel to new construction and could also be used in remodeling projects to upgrade and enhance your current property.

Some must-have features, fixtures, and materials in your new home include:

Quartz countertops. For a unique feature in your new kitchen, look at the latest quartz countertops available. These can be cut and polished to suit your preferences, including colorful veins and unconventional marbling for your distinct countertop.

Smart lighting. Bring some technology into your new construction with smart lighting features. This will enable you to control your home's lighting from your phone or computer. This may also serve as a security system for your property, too.

Granite sinks. A gorgeous granite vessel sink is something that guests and visitors will notice—these are one-of-a-kind features for a new home. Use hardware that doesn't detract from the neutrality and simplicity of your stone basin.

Brushed-nickel. For something fresh, use nickel faucets and sinks in the kitchen or bath. These can have a brushed appearance, which appears burnished, and this finish will hide fingerprints quite well.

Calcutta marble. Calcutta marble is an incredible option for a bathroom vanity and backsplash. This uniquely grained marble is imported from India, and it is becoming a bit more accessible to US consumers.

Mother-of-pearl tile. For something whimsical and fresh, use mother-of-pearl tile along your fireplace, for your backsplash, or in a mosaic on the wall. The iridescent shimmer of this natural material will create conversation and evoke compliments from guests.

Architectural elements. Talk to your contractor about creating architectural medallions of granite or concrete to bring visual interest to a wall or doorway. These can be easily installed and may reflect the colors or style of your home, such as a vibrant, eclectic tile mosaic for a Southwestern-style home.

Pedestal tub. One solution for a smaller bathroom is a pedestal tub. These are elegant, and they can be used for soaking tubs that are in smaller spaces since they don't need to be pushed up against the wall. The pedestal and added height make it easier to access the tub, as well.

If you are building your own custom home or remodeling the house of your dreams, consider these high-end finishes and features. From your bathroom to your fireplace, consult with your contractor for ways to create something special and aesthetically pleasing in your new home!