Understanding The Different Decorative Concrete Materials Available

Posted on: 3 January 2017

One of the ways you can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home is by adding decorative concrete around the exterior of your home. In addition, if after inspecting your concrete, you notice there are cracks, scaling, or pop-outs within the surface, consider adding decorative concrete touches instead of keeping it simple. Consider adding materials such as brick or flagstone to add texture to the concrete around your home. There is also concrete flatwork material available in a variety of textures, materials, and shapes that you can use for decorative concrete as well. This decorative concrete can be used around paths and walkways along the exterior of your home, the flooring of your patio, and along the terrace and pool deck. The tips below provide some information on the various different decorative concrete materials available.

Sustainable Decorative Concrete

The durability of sustainable decorative concrete makes it a perfect option for outdoor use, because it may be able to withstand extreme weather elements. This includes the ability to maintain its original shape throughout natural disasters as related to extreme wind-driven rain. Sustainable concrete can also withstand moisture damage from pools of water sitting on the surface. In addition, this type of concrete is recyclable.

Textured Decorative Concrete

In order to add uniquely sculpted designs for the exterior of your home, consider using textured decorative concrete. This type of concrete has an exposed aggregate finish, which is what gives it that textured look. The texture makes it easy to work with the concrete and create various different designs within the surface before it dries. The textured look can also be achieved by cleaning and brushing away mortar from the surface, while also adding design elements before it solidifies. To further enhance the design, you can also have marble, pebbles, or granite chips embedded into the surface.

Stamped Decorative Concrete

There are certain concrete elements that can be used to create various pattern stamped designs. This will allow you to add more customized elements to your outdoor landscape. The stamped patterns are typically created using mechanical design tools that make decorative impressions before the concrete has a chance to solidify. These are mechanical pattern-stamped tools that have interlocking plank pattern elements, rock salt embossing, and basket weave design features.

If you are unsure what type of decorative concrete material elements work best for your home, consider consulting with a concrete contractor near you.