3 Off-Season Maintenance Tasks To Do This Summer For Your Fireplace

Posted on: 27 July 2016

Just because you are not using your fireplace does not mean that there is nothing that you need to do with it this summer. Here are three maintenance tasks that you should complete during the summer months when your fireplace is dormant.

Remove All The Ashes

The first thing that you need to do is remove all the ashes and soot that are sitting inside of your fireplace. Leaving the ashes and soot to sit inside of your fireplace all summer will create a foul odor and will lower the air quality levels in your home.

It is a pretty simple task to clean out the ashes and soot. Just sweep them into a dustpan and put them in the trash. After you remove the majority of the debris in your fireplace, vacuum it out and wipe down the inside with a damp rag.

This will make your fireplace look and smell better during the off-season.

Close The Damper

The second thing you should do is make sure that the damper to your fireplace is closed if you have a wood burning fireplace. The damper stops air from flowing out of your house and up through your chimney. Keeping the damper close will help you manage your cooling costs better during the summer, as all the cool air you are pumping into your house will not be going up and out the chimney. It is also a good way to prevent critters from getting into your house when your chimney is not in use.

If you use a gas burning fireplace though, you want to leave your damper open at all times. That way, if there is ever an unexpected gas leak in your fireplace or home, there is a way for the gas to escape out of your home.

Schedule A Cleaning & Inspection

Third, it is a good idea to schedule both a chimney inspection and cleaning. During the inspection, the technician will make sure that there are no leaks or cracks in your chimney that could compromise its effectiveness.

Once they have completed the inspection, they can clean out your chimney. If you use your fireplace frequently during the fall and winter months, creosote is depositing inside of your chimney. A high concentration of creosote and soot can actually be dangerous to you and prevent your chimney from venting properly, which is why you should have it cleaned out on a yearly basis.

To ensure that your fireplace is working effectively, make sure that you complete all three maintenance steps above during the spring and summer months every year. Talk to a company like Clean Sweep for more help.