Want To Get Your New Home Painted? 3 Ways To Prevent The Paint From Coming Off

Posted on: 24 June 2016

Some people make it a top priority to buy a turn-key home in which they have to do nothing at all for it to be a home they love. But, many homeowners will purchase homes that have most of what they need. The rest is for them to fix, add, or improve on their own, such as getting the interior a new paint job. However, when you are ready to get professional painting, you do not want to damage it soon after. You will find it helpful to follow a few easy tips to avoid causing any damage that requires touching up.

Hang Pictures Without Putting Holes in the Wall

It is easy to get pictures on the wall, but most methods involve using nails. Screws are sometimes used when you have extremely heavy frames or artwork that you want to display in your home. While using screws will help with hanging heavier items, it can sometimes be necessary to seek out the wooden studs to prevent your drywall from collapsing. If you want to refrain from putting anything into the walls, you are going to have to give up putting up heavy decorations. The best alternatives are sticky tape, hanging strips, or adhesive hooks for damage-free mounting.

Choose a Satin or Semi-Gloss Sheen

On flat paint, spilling a glass of wine and having some of it splash on the wall leads to permanent damage. But, this is not the case when you use a satin or semi-gloss sheen for the paint in your home. It might not be a typically choice to use semi-gloss in the bedroom or hallways, but it is worth paying a small premium. This will certainly come in handy if you have children or intend on having kids in the near future. It is far too easy for them to throw a baby bottle or rub their dirty hands along the walls and leave lasting marks. Satin or semi-glass sheen has its power in allowing you to easily scrub dirt and stains away.

Avoid Buying Tall Furniture

Tall furniture is great for making use of vertical space in your home, but it is also unsteady. To ensure safety, you have to secure the furniture to the walls on the top part of each piece. This means putting holes in the wall, and there is not an effective workaround to give you reliable protection. So, the best alternative is to just avoid tall furniture altogether and solely focus on short and long furniture pieces.

Following these tips will keep your new paint job in great condition throughout the years. Contact a company like J Maintenance Co for more information.