Want To Throw A Unique Birthday Party For Your Kid? Go Backyard Camping

Posted on: 29 March 2016

When you have kids, you should take advantage of every opportunity to do things that you will no longer be able to do with them when they grow older. For instance, while you can organize a birthday party at any age, you will have the easiest time doing it when your kid is still young and relies on you to make it happen. Whether you make it a surprise or something that you plan with your kid is up to you, but it can be exciting to surprise them with something such as a backyard camping birthday party.

Since you may not have all of the equipment you need, renting is your best option.

Folding Chairs

You should make sure that you rent folding chairs that are made from weather-resistant materials when you will be using them outdoors. Once you have a head count on how many kids will be coming, rent out that amount, and maybe a few extra, just in case.

Patio Tables

It depends on how many kids are coming along, but you will want to have at least one patio table. Although you may have a patio table of your own, it is not likely to seat upwards of 12 kids. It is best to get all of the kids sitting together to prevent anyone from feeling left out and to encourage conversation.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is a perfect addition for a backyard camping party. However, you should make it clear that only adults are allowed to start fires and that an adult must be present any time a fire is going. With a portable fire pit, you need to maintain a safe distance away from structures. Having a fire pit in your backyard makes it possible for the kids to cook up hot dogs or s'mores with parental assistance.


Although you could get your hands on several tents that house two to four people each, you are better off getting a canopy tent that allows everyone to sleep close to each other. It is important to keep up with weather predictions, as you want to avoid excessive rain, which can put a damper on the overall experience. Ideally, you should also use temporary flooring to make sleeping more comfortable and to prevent the kids from having to put their sleeping bags directly on the ground.

A party rental business like City Rentals can give you just what you need to throw your kid a great birthday party.