Tips For Keeping Insect Pests Out Of Your House

Posted on: 8 February 2016

As spring approaches, insects become more active and may find their way into your house. Instead of spending your time swatting, stomping and spraying these pests that make their way in, be pro-active with these tips to keep them out of your house to begin with.

1. Get rid of places in your yard that become a jump-off point for insects to get into your house.

Move firewood or other piles of wood that can attract ants and spiders as far from the house as possible. Fill in places in the yard where there may be standing water, as that is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Trim bushes and other landscaping away from the house so it doesn't provide a bridge into your house.

2. Fix window and door screens that let insects in.

A small hole in a window screen can let a horde of insects into your home. You can find screen repair kits at your local home remodeling store and do the repairs yourself. Or contact a mobile window screen repair service and let them find the loose and torn screens around the house and make them insect-proof again.

3. Seal up other holes in the house where insects can get in.

There are a number of places around the house where insects can potentially find their way in from the outside. Using an expanding spray foam or packing closed-cell foam into the cracks and crevices around the house can fill in these common gaps:

  • around vents and pipes coming through the side of the house or roof
  • around window and door sills
  • around doors where the weather stripping has failed
  • around entry points for cable TV, Internet, telephone or electrical lines

4. Get rid of trash and recycled items quickly.

Don't let stacks of newspapers, magazines or cardboard boxes sit in your basement or garage. Put them out for recycling or take them to the recycling center yourself. Pulp-chewing insects will take up residence in those stacks. Cover garbage cans tightly until the waste removal service takes the garbage away and don't allow garbage to sit in bags around the house without being in some form of a sealed container.

5. Keep all food picked up, covered or in the refrigerator.

Food left out on the counter will draw insects, especially ants looking for a new food source for their colony. Wipe up food spills quickly with a chlorine-based cleaner to discourage ants from seeing your house as their next buffet. Even pet food left out can attract ants so pick up pet bowls after your pet has finished eating.