New Small Contractor's Trench Digging Guide: How To Install Aluminum Shoring

Posted on: 15 January 2016

The lightweight and easy to assemble panels make aluminum shoring a good choice for small contractors who have limited equipment and help when digging a trench. If you have to dig down further than five feet to reach broken pipes or foundation walls, you are required to install shoring in the trench to keep the dirt walls from collapsing in around you. Here is how you can install aluminum shoring to make it safe for you to work in a deep trench.

Put the Shoring Together

Avoid putting the shoring parts together in the trench. The best thing is to build the shoring above the ground and then set it into the trench to make sure you stay safe during the installation process.

The shoring comes with an assortment of corner posts, connector posts, wall panels, and pins. Lay the out all the parts on the ground so you can grab them quickly and easily. 

Start with two corners posts and one panel to form one end of the trench. Place each post at opposite sides of the wall panel. Slide the panel down into the grooves on both corner posts to form a back wall. Make sure the panel is placed evenly across the posts.

Line up the pin holes on each post with the ones on the ends of the panel. Slide the thick aluminum pins through the holes and secure them using cotter pins

Slide a panel into the other slot on each post sticking up in the air to form corners and secure them with a cotter pin Tip the back end up the shoring up and over so bottom of the wall panels rest on the ground. The wall should now be able to stand on its own as you rotate putting in panels to raise the walls of the shoring to the depth you are digging your trench.

Use connector posts to attach side wall panels together to form a long wall. When you get to the other end of the wall, connect the corner end posts to the side wall panels before you connect the post the end wall panels..

Make sure you install cross-beam bracing at each connection point to strengthen the wall against the weight of the surrounding dirt.

Placing the Shoring in the Trench

Wrap straps under and around each side of the shoring with heavy-lifting straps with hooks on the ends.

Tie a heavy chain to the small bucket on a backhoe. Connect the hooks from the straps to the chain, and then move the shoring over to the top of the trench with the backhoe.

Align the ends up with the hole and slowly drop the shoring into the trench.

Check the walls and shoring to make sure everything is holding up well before you start working on other things.

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