Concrete Grinder Matchmaking: Hard With Soft And Soft With Hard

Posted on: 2 October 2015

Concrete grinders have made it very easy to remove imperfections from concrete work. Since they shoulder most of the heavy lifting involved in grinding work, they make it easy not only to save time, but also to concentrate on the overall appearance of the concrete work and thus increase the chances of ending up with quality concrete finishes.

However, most of the advantages that come with the use concrete grinders usually accrue only when they are properly used. This includes using grinders with the right diamond segments for your material.

Diamond segments and how the grinding process works

The part of a concrete grinder that does the actual grinding is made up of  a mixture of metal powders and diamonds. The metal part of the block is meant to hold the diamonds in place while the diamonds are the parts that do the actual cutting.

During the grinding process, the diamonds that are exposed usually wear off with time. And for the grinder to continue working, new diamonds will need to be exposed. But in order to reach to the new diamonds, the metal part of the block needs to be abraded away. And the faster the metal part can be eaten away, the faster the new diamonds will be exposed and the faster the grinder can get back to doing its work: grinding.

Hard with soft is a perfect match

When grinding hard concrete, using a block that has a metal matrix with softer bonds is advisable. Why? Because when it comes to hard concrete, the diamonds usually wear out at a faster rate. For the grinder to work effectively, new diamonds need to be exposed at a faster rate. If not, you are likely to experience periods where the grinder simply rubs the surface instead of cutting into it.

A metal matrix that has softer bonds is easy to eat through, which means that it is the perfect metal matrix for use in cases where there is a need to expose the embedded diamonds at a faster rate.

Soft with hard is a perfect match

Softer concrete, on the other hand, takes time before wearing out the already-exposed diamonds. A metal matrix with harder bonds is therefore ideal because it takes longer to wear off, which means that it will hold the exposed diamonds for longer periods. This usually helps to avoid waste as it helps to prevent the premature exposure of embedded diamonds. 

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