Why You Need a Home Inspection on New Construction

Posted on: 16 September 2015

You may think when you buy a newly built home that everything will be in perfect condition. This may not always be the case as mistakes can happen during the building process. Investing in a home inspection on a newly built home is important to protect your investment.

People Make Mistakes

Builders are human, meaning that mistakes may happen. These mistakes can vary in their severity from missing trim on your roof, to improperly welded pipes that contain leaks. You can never know when a worker may have forgotten to do something, and it's impossible for a contractor to keep their eyes on every worker every miniute. Sometimes, workers may take a shortcut to make their work easier. Like a plumber accidentally cutting a support beam to make room to add pipes.

Code Is Just the Beginning

As part of a new building package, everything must be built to code. However, building to code is just a bare minimum. Having a home inspection done on new construction is a great way to find out if your home is built to code, but it also goes beyond that. An inspector like Building Inspector Of America will thoroughly inspect your home and make sure to note anything that seems to be off, and bring it to your attention. This attention to detail will help you be sure the purchase of your new home is something you want to go through with.

Stopping Problems before They Begin

If you choose not to have an inspection, you're taking a risk with purchasing your home. Without an inspection, problems that could have been caught before you purchased it may crop up over time. These problems could've been simple fixes if they had been caught early on, but when these issues are left to develop they could be costly.

If you don't get these issues fixed before you move in, when you go to sell your home you could lose money on your home. A potential buyer could have an inspection done and find all of the problems you missed, and as a result offer you less for your home.  

Taking the first step in having your home inspected puts the power in your hands. It gives you an opportunity to delve deep into the structure of your soon to be home. If any issues are found, you can decide if it's worth it you to fix them, or to find a different home.