How To Fix Damaged Window Sills

Posted on: 28 August 2015

Most windows have wooden frames, molding and sills. The sills are often damaged because they tend to be used as tables. People will often set their wet cups on window sills, leaving behind water rings. Hard objects can also scratch the paint off of the sill. If the sill becomes damaged, it can make your windows look aged and dirty. This is because the sill usually sticks out further than the rest of the window frame, so it is very visible. This article explains how to fix cracked, waterlogged and scratched wooden window sills.

Sand First

Before you repaint or patch a wooden window sill, you need prepare the surface by sanding it. The point of sanding is to make the surface even and smooth. If the sill has varying texture, the paint and patch will also vary. Paint will look very different when it dries on a smooth surface compared to a rough surface. So, the key is to produce an even surface by lightly sanding the sill. For the fastest results, use a vibrating power sander. Do not press down too hard during the sanding because it could change the flatness of the wood.

Patching the Wood

Patching is very useful when done right with hardwood putty. To patch small cracks or scratches you can probably just use your fingers. However, larger holes will need to be filled with a putty knife. Spread the putty so that it fills the entire hole. You do not want to leave any cavities underneath the patch. Once the patch has dried you will need to get the sander back out and smooth it over. Try to match the original shape and smoothness of the wood.

Painting the Sill

When repainting the patched area it is very important to use primer first. Also, make sure that you paint the entire sill, not just the patched area. Otherwise, you will have problems matching the new paint with the existing paint. You can easily paint with a roller or paint brush (whichever you prefer). But, paint slowly and do not put too much paint on the brush, or you will likely leave behind brushstrokes.

It is easy to repair damaged window sills. The sooner you repair small defects in your sill, the easier the job will be. If you wait too long, there is a chance that you will have to completely replace the sill. This is obviously a much more labor intensive and costly project. Contact a company like Smith K L Inc for more information.