How To Repaint Stucco Walls With A Spray Gun

Posted on: 13 August 2015

There are many great ways to increase the energy efficiency of your property without spending too much money. One of the best things you can do is repaint your exterior walls. If you use the right exterior paint, you can dramatically increase the solar efficiency of your walls. New paint is especially effective on stucco walls. This article will explain how to repaint stucco.

Painting your exterior stucco is popular because it gives the homeowner a chance to update the style of their property. Best of all, you can do the painting on your own and save a significant amount on labor costs.

Protecting Against Overspray

To paint exterior walls you will have a much easier task if you use a professional spray gun. The key to painting with a spray gun is making sure that you do enough masking off. Overspray is a serious problem when it comes to painting outside. Even the slightest wind can carry the overspray several yards. You often even need to mask off to protect your neighbors house from get paint on it. Of course, it is most important to cover the floors directly under the walls your are painting. Use thick cloths or painter's paper to fully cover the pathways, grass and foundation plants along the edge of your wall.

You should also completely tape off and seal all of your window and door fixtures. Use plastic to cover vertical surfaces, because it is lighter and easier to tape.

Starting to Paint

Once the area is fully masked off, you can start to paint. Painting with a gun is very easy. You might want to practice a little bit just to familiarize yourself with the thickness of the paint and the flow of the gun. One helpful tip is to always be moving the gun while painting. Do not point the gun straight at one spot on the wall and then start spraying.

Since the painting will usually take a couple of days, you need to make sure that the gun is cleaned at the end of every day. Overnight, the paint could dry inside the gun nozzles and make it useless the next day. You can remove the paint can from the intake valve and replace it with a large can of water. Then, spray the gun into another bucket until the stream is pure water. This means that the gun and all the lines are now clear off all paint. Reverse this process when you start painting the next day and you will be all ready to spray.

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