Four Things You Will Want to Know about DIY Metal Roofing for Your Home

Posted on: 17 June 2015

If you need to have a new roof installed on your home, doing it yourself with metal roofing can be a fun and rewarding project. Metal roofing is also durable and can last longer than many other roofing materials when installed correctly. Before you start a metal roofing DIY project, you may want to know a few things about metal roofs. Here are some things that you will want to know before you install your own metal roofing.

1. Use an Underlayment for Metal Roofing

The first things you will need for your metal roofing is an underlayment. This can be the existing asphalt shingles if you have a roof that is in good shape. You can also remove the shingles and use a rubber membrane for the underlayment, which will make roof loads lighter and give you more leak protection.

2. Install Strapping to Fasten Metal Roofing

Metal roofing needs to have strapping to fasten the metal panels. This can be 2x4, 2x2, 1x4, or any other 2" or 1" material. You can use what is most affordable for you. You may also want to check with building authorities for any building codes for strapping used with metal roofing. The strapping should be spaced 24" on center, the length of the roof.  Note: you will want to have a piece at all edges, and you can start from the bottom up.

3. Installing Ridges and Trim Pieces for the Metal Roofing

Before you install panels, you will want to install the ridges, valleys, and trim pieces. For these pieces, you will want to be careful to screw them where there are raised ridges in the roofing panels. You can also only use a couple of screws to hold them in place and add screws when installing the panels. There are also ridge-caps that can be installed over the panels, which may be easier if you have never  worked with metal roofing. You can start by installing the ridge and valley pieces, and then installing the edge pieces to the eaves.

4. Fastening the Metal Panels to the Roof and Finishing Touches

Once you have all the trim done, you will be ready to install the metal roofing panels. You will want to start from one side of the roof and work your way across. You will want to screw the panels down 24" on center at the joints using metal roofing screws. Make sure that the joints are firmly connected as you add panels. For any cut pieces, you can use tin-snips to cut the pieces. As you install the panels, add any screws to other pieces that you have tacked to the roof.

Metal roofing can easily be installed if you are a hands-on type of person that likes DIY projects. More about this topic, metal roofing supplies, can be found here.