Do You Live In An Old Ugly Home? Try These Tips With Bricks For A New Look

Posted on: 6 May 2015

If you have a plain flat house and you wish it had a little dimension or some pizzazz, there are few ways you can spruce up the exterior. You can have small renovation projects performed that are going to make the house look very different.

By changing the landscaping around the home and adding some stone or brick, you can get a house that looks very modern on the outside. Consider the following things if the exterior of your home needs a facelift.

Punch Out Portico

A building contractor can punch out the area around your front door a few feet, and make a covered walkway. They can do this all the way up the roof line, and then cover the punched out area with brick. This adds dimension to the house, creates a great entryway when people walk up and into the home, is a feature you see on many houses today.

If you already have the cement patio poured at the front door, you have a lot of the cost already out of the way. The contractor can design a few different plants for you.

Brick Bottom

A lot of homeowners that don't want to spend the money to have the entire home bricked only put the brick from the ground up to the bottom of the first floor windows. This saves costs compared to bricking the entire face, and it makes the house look great. Brick may also be an improved barrier in comparison to old outdated siding, to help with heating and cooling bills as well.

Paint or Replace Siding

In addition to adding the brick or stone around the home, consider replacing the siding to a sleek and modern color. Replacing the shutters and making the home look fresh and new is going to improve the value instantly.

If you are looking to improve the outside of your home because you feel it is an eye sore, talk with a building contractor or a masonry to get these different changes made. You'll want to get a few different quotes from professionals and you'll want to look at other houses and magazines to make sure you know exactly what you want before you start the project. Add new greenery to compliment the changes and make your home look great.

For more information and ideas, visit a local contractor who specializes in working with bricks and masonry.