3 Potential Problems With A Microwave That Suddenly Stops Heating

Posted on: 25 March 2015

You put a slice of pizza on a plate, pop it into the microwave, hit the button for your time, press Start and your pizza does not end up warm. Your microwave could simply not start up at all or your pizza could do the spinning cook time but come out the same temperature it went in.

There are a few different problems that can cause a microwave to suddenly stop heating. While it's useful to know what could be causing the issue, you should always leave the actual repairs to an appliance repair professionals. Microwaves operate using high voltage electricity and that electricity is present even when the microwave is unplugged. It's not worth the risk of electrocution to have a warm piece of pizza.

Here are a few ideas on what could be causing your microwave problem.

Doesn't Turn On: Blown Fuse

If the microwave didn't start up at all when you pressed the button, the problem could be a blown fuse. No, not the main power fuse – unless the digital numbers aren't displayed on your microwave, either. Then you want to start by checking your home's circuit breakers.

Otherwise the problem is inside the microwave. An appliance repair tech can check the interior fuse to make sure its getting uninterrupted power. The tech will likely test the door switches at the same time because a problem with the fuse usually starts at those switches. Blown fuses will simply need to be replaced.

Doesn't Start: Touchpad Issues

If the fuses and door switches are fine but the microwave still won't start, there could be a problem with your touchpad. When you press in the numbers and hit Start, your microwave isn't receiving the message for some reason.

The appliance repair tech can take a look at the touchpad assembly. But it's usually easier to replace the entire touchpad rather than trying to fix any of its electrical issues.

Not Heating: Whole Lot of Problems

Microwave's that don't heat despite turning on could have one or more problems with an assortment of interior parts. These parts include the diode, capacitor and transformer. It could also be a problem with the magnetron, which is the part that creates the microwave radiation that cooks your food.

You do not want to touch any of these parts on your own. If the microwave isn't heating, call your appliance repair service technician immediately or head to the store for a new microwave. This might not prove an easy fix even for a professional. To learn more, contact a company like Ace Appliance Service with any questions you have.