Destroying Common Myths Concerning Residential Demolition

Posted on: 12 March 2015

When you are ready to make some changes to an existing residential property, you could have contractors come in and remove everything piece-by-piece. However, it is often a more cost effective and time efficient choice to opt for demolition service to assist you with the change. Unfortunately, there are many myths that get in the way of people choosing to hire a demolition service for help. Here are a few of those most common myths and the actual truths behind them.

Myth: Demolition means removing the entire structure from the property.

Fact: When you think of demolition, what probably comes to mind is the scenario of a building being completely torn down with heavy equipment or even imploded with explosives. However, demolition is not always so dramatic. In fact, one form of demolition, internal demolition, involves just removing the interior of a structure and leaving the exterior framework still standing. This is the perfect solution jf you want to remake the inside of the home, but leave the rest.

Myth: Demolition will require major cleanup that can take a long time.

Fact: Anytime you are completely removing a large portion of the existing home, there will be a lot of waste left behind to clean up. However, during demolition services, the waste will be removed in big portions instead of just a load or two at a time. Therefore, the whole process can actually be a lot faster than just traditional dis-assembly. The demolition will take place and waste removal will begin immediately.

Myth: Demolition will disturb houses in surrounding areas.

Fact: When you schedule a demolition, great measures are taken beforehand to ensure the surrounding properties are not affected. If explosives are used, a comprehensive geologic survey will be performed to determine if the ground is stable enough to support the disturbance without creating issues for outlying habitats. Nearby property owners may be alerted that there will be heavy construction work in the area just so they know what to expect, but disturbance will be kept as minimal as possible.

When you understand that everything you assumed to be true about demolition may not be true, it is easy to see why this is often the most logical choice when you are making changes to your property. Make sure you take the time to talk to a demolition contractor, such as Syracuse Haulers Waste Removal, about any further questions and concerns you have.