Why A Vinyl Garage Door Is The Right Choice For Your Family

Posted on: 28 January 2015

If you've been shopping for a new garage door, you've likely notice the array of vinyl doors as well as the more traditional wooden and steel doors on the market today. Vinyl doors, while they are initially a little more expensive, offer a myriad of advantages over other types of doors, not the least of which is reduced maintenance.

Benefits of a Vinyl Garage Door

1. They require almost no maintenance. One of the chief benefits to installing a vinyl garage door is that such doors require very little maintenance. They don't have to be re-painted and re-stained periodically like wooden doors and metal doors do. All if takes for your vinyl door to stay looking its best is to scrub it gently with a stiff brush and spray it with a hose every once in a while.

2. They are durable. Another major benefit to owning a vinyl garage door is its durability. Most vinyl garage doors come with a lifetime warranty. That compares to a lifespan of between 20 and 25 years for an average garage door.

3. They can't be dented. Unlike steel and aluminum doors that can be easily dented by basketballs or even hail, vinyl doors are are resistant to such marks.

4. They are water resistant. While steel doors can rust and wooden doors can warp, a vinyl garage door is impervious to water. Rain and snow just slide right off of this type of door.

5. They add beauty and curb appeal to your property. Vinyl offers a crisp, uniform appearance that goes well with most any type of architecture, landscaping and design motif. Vinyl also makes your home look nice for visitors and boosts your curb appeal to potential home buyers when it comes time to put your house on the market.

6. They add insulation value. A vinyl garage door gives your garage an extra layer of insulation. Unlike steel doors that absorb both the heat and the cold, vinyl doors help keep the elements outside where they belong. This insulation value is especially helpful if your garage is attached to your house.

7. They are lightweight. Vinyl is also a good choice if you opt for a manual door instead of using an automatic door opener, since vinyl is lighter than wood or steel.

While a vinyl garage door may not be the right choice for every family and every homeowner, this type of door is durable, attractive and long-lasting. Check out companies like All Counties Fence and Supply for more information about vinyl doors and fencing.