5 Ways To Improve The Appearance Of A Chain Link Fence

Posted on: 27 December 2014

Chain link fences are an effective, convenient, and affordable method of fencing in a yard or plot of land. However, they have a simple, industrial look that many homeowners and property owners might want to spruce up to improve appearances. Fortunately, it's not hard to add a few features to chain linked fences  like those from Global Fence, Inc. to turn them into eye-catching landscaping features. 

The following are five popular ways to give a chain link fence a unique and attractive look:

  • Paint them- Giving chain link fences some color merely requires a quick and simple paint job. You can paint your chain link fence any color you desire. You might consider a multicolor chain link fence or a color that blends in perfectly with vegetation or other landscaping features. Painting is an especially good option if you would like a fast way to cover up a bit of rust formation.
  • Install wooden slats- Wooden slats in a chain link fence not only improve the fence's appearance, but they can also increase privacy. Wooden slats can be used to cover one side of a fence or both sides. Wooden slats can come in any color and could be selected to contribute dynamic geometric patterns to your fence if you install slats in several different colors. 
  • Grow some plants- Turn your chain link into a living wall by growing flowering vines that weave in and out of the links. Some possibilities for flowering vines that can visually enhance a chain link fence include ivy, crossvine, and jasmine. In addition to vines, you can also grow shrubs, flowers, or trees along your fence to give it some color and life.
  • Decorate with plastic cups- Plastic cups wedged into a chain link fence are especially appropriate for those looking for temporary fence decor. This method is perfect for decorating your chain link fence for a special event like a birthday party. Plastic cups can be painted and placed on the fence in decorative patterns to make the fence appear fun and festive.
  • Cover them with awnings- Awnings placed over a chain link fence improve the appearance and give you some added privacy in your yard. Covering a chain link fence with awnings is probably the fastest way to completely change the look of your fence. For complete coverage, you can use awnings on both sides of a fence so that the chain links cannot be seen at all.